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A fundamental step for having a fashion-forward wardrobe is endowing it with the right basics. When you have done that one step right, the rest of the work is rendered surprisingly fun and simple as you can now experiment with an endless number of fashionable possibilities.

Welcome to RVK Clothing, your go-to store for casual, basic clothing for women, boys and girls. At RVK Clothing, we have an extensive collection of skivvy tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, woollen tops, shorts, capris, trackpants, woollen leggings, and woollen pants for women. For young boys and girls, we have a range of t-shirts, sandos, sweaters, sweatshirts, shorts, capris, trackpants, tracksuits, night suits, skivvies, woollen vests and leggings.

From soft, neutral shades to bright, popping colours, RVK Clothing’s pieces can be paired with patterned, embellished or plain top wear, bottom wear and accessories of your choice. So, whether you are creating a peppy, flirtatious look for a date, or putting together a sharp business look for a board meeting, or just keeping it casual for a day out with friends, our pieces will help you achieve the perfect look.

Made of high quality natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, our pieces have a sublime grace and sophistication, and they feel soft and light on the skin. Our pieces are designed for a snug fit – they hug the body comfortably without feeling tight. Their versatility makes them perfect for everyone to include them in their wardrobe.

You can easily buy RVK Clothing’s basic wear online as we ship across India. All of you have to do is select your favourite pieces and add them to your online shopping cart and check out. We will deliver your clothes to you in just a few days.

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